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Tips on How To Have a Successful Open Studio

This week on the podcast, we discuss Open Studios! Here is a quick guide to get your work out there.

1-Who and Where: Choose from various open studio setups, from showcasing your work solo to collaborating with other artists.

Consider inviting neighboring studios to join in.

2- Tidy Up and Organize: Declutter your space to showcase your artwork effectively.

Consider painting walls and cleaning distracting surfaces, turning it into a pre-party celebration.

3-Curate Your Collection: Highlight the pieces you're excited to discuss.

If you're open to sales, make those artworks available.

4- Promote: Spread the word about your open studio on social media, newsletters, and through friends.

5-Prepare to Discuss Your Art: Practice your elevator pitch and share your passion for your work and creative process.

6-Create a Welcoming Atmosphere: Offer guests tea, wine, and snacks to enhance conversation and comfort.

7-Pricing and Sales: Be prepared with price lists and payment options if you intend to sell your art.

Let me know if you recently had an open studio, if you have one coming up, or have questions!


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