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Welcome to our  Online Exhibitions, a space that is an extension of physical exhibitions we curate with galleries and for online-only exhibitions. We will be sharing the work from here on our social media and consider all artists for interviews and future opportunities.

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Hedges and Houses and Mothers and Children

Curated by Pennylane Shen 


Aurora Abzug, Diedre Argyle, Cassie Arnold, Wesley Bell Miller, Jack Bishop, Twiggy Boyer, Mills Brown, Nate Burbeck, Candace Compton Pappas, Robin Crofut-Brittingham, Sarah Detweiler, Benjamin Duke, Amy J. Dyck, Ari Eshoo, Michelle Fleck, Zo Frampton, Cara Guri, Deborah Hamon, Kate Harding, Julie Himel, Mary Janacek, Melanie Johnson, Lindsey Kapoor, Tetana Kellner, Kelly Kirkham, Amber Koprin, Michele Landel, Katia Lifshin, Jessica Matier, Lynne McDaniel, Sara Minsky, Imogen Morris, Stephen Morrison, Sarah Nelson, Laura Rosengren, Jess Self, Lucy Sharf, Leslie Lewis Sigler, Jane-Anita Smith, Emily Somoskey, Camilla Taylor, Amanda Walker, Devon Walz, Xiao Wang, Shirley Wiebe.


Congruence, Summer Exhibition Juried by Gallerist Bridgette Mayer

Our Summer Juried Exhibition CONGRUENCE, juried by gallerist Bridgette Mayer is the largest show to date on I Like Your Work. With the many concerns that artists have dealt with and are dealing with over 2020, we wanted to share as much work as possible. There is a great variety of materials and approaches and we are excited for you to check out the show!

Drowned Neon Rose, Winter Exhibition, Juried by Kirstin Lamb

Drowned Neon Rose is a juried exhibition curated by Kirstin Lamb.


"Beauty is important in the face of ruin, death, and disaster."

Opening November 1, 2019

Dutoit Gallery

Be. Long is a juried exhibition of 42 artists from around the world at Dutoit Gallery. This physical exhibition is held in conjunction with our Online Exhibition, Be. Long. Ing.  of an additional 30 artists.

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