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SUMMER  2021

Accompanying print catalog available 

Digital catalog

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Constanza Aravena

Natalie Baldeon

Allison Belolan

Caitlin Berndt

Lucas Biagini

Holly Brown

Lauren Scott Corwin

Alyson Davies

Amy Deal

Erin Drakeford

Ducasse Overstreet

Kathleen Eastwood Riaño

Jess Griffith

Vernita Akua Hardy

Donté K. Hayes

Diane Hiscox

Sonja John

Katrina Jurjans

Erin Kendrick

Darby Lewis

Michelle Maroon

Chieko Murasugi

Tracy Murrell

Danielle Mužina

Cecil Norris

Cass Penegor

Princess Rashid

Abi Salami

Stephen Signa-Aviles

Kathy Sirico

Jennifer Small

Marine Smith

Valerie Wilcox

Holly Wong

Antoinette Wysocki

Abby Zhang

Abby Zonies



Finding something new is one of the best feelings as an artist.

The challenge was to pick only a few works from a fantastic group of submissions. But, of course, we go into these processes with our baggage and biases as individuals. I just completed my MFA journey, and I focused on a set of ideas for quite a while. From the first set of submissions, I knew my expectations were a false ceiling in judging this work. The work was so good! So I reset myself and opened my mind to what I was seeing. It was like taking off sunglasses and finally seeing the brilliance of the sky.

The artists were in their own conversations with form and color, gesture and material, pattern and scale. Art is a way that individuals filter their experiences, and within this work, I feel their voices manifested as visual documentation of feelings. There were moments of solace and moments of anxiety. There were the structures of life revealed both organic and linear. The color was used both as an overwhelming force and as subtlety.

The breadth of the artists' work is the story of this exhibition—embracing the perspectives of all these other people who are experiencing this very same world in widely different ways. New ways of seeing the world are a gift that expands your understanding.

I appreciate the opportunity to review this work for Erika and the I Like Your Work community. It was challenging but super fun. I wish all my artists out there nothing but long, prosperous studio days.


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