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Fall Exhibition Catalog (2023)

Check out the the 2023 Fall Exhibition Catalog, Moments: Real & Imagined,  from I Like Your Work. The art catalog is curated by Victoria J. Fry, and features top emerging artists from around the world. With full color art throughout, you'll be inspired by the creativity and talent


This exhibition and catalog features the amazing work by these artists:

Jennifer Agricola Mojica

Shazia Ahmad

Anna Wetzel Artz

Lydia Baker

Isabel Betsill

Margaret Zox Brown

Lael Burns

Catie Dillon

Arron Foster

Audrey Fox

Allan Gorman

Julia Holtmann

Lauren Karjala

Dede Lucia

Amelie Mancini

Farrell Mason- Brown

Melissa Mohammadi

Erin Oliver

Robin Reynolds

Jen Sanders

Libby Saylor

Lauren Scott Corwin

Debra Shapiro

Claire Sherwood

Natalie Steigmann-Gall

Jacquelyn Strycker

Camilla Taylor

Cat Tesla

Vanessa Wallace

Georgia Whist

Nancy Wisti Grayson

Tiffany Wong

Yahel Yan

Hannah Zimmerman

Stefanie Zito

Fall Exhibition Catalog (2023)

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