Drowned Neon Rose


Beauty is important in the face of ruin, death, and disaster.


Storytelling is important in an age of lies, misinformation and flooded libraries.


Right now I am looking for a wary and embattled beauty, the title drawn from a combination of “Drowned World” and “Oh Rose thou art sick,” layered in what I feel is contemporary color, neon pink and yellow, though it is kind of dirty.  We all have this kind of sinking feeling, but many of these works feel like narratives of survival, privacy, intimacy, ordinary suburban sadness.  I’m looking for hope in the ruin and collapse, a prefiguring of a way forward.


Many of the situations are candlelit, fire lit or sustain their own light through color or flora.  Art should emit light.


Neon is important.  I know a lot of it is fugitive, but it feels right, especially since this is a screen show.


There is a kind of overheated plastic wonder even to the scenes that seem normal, as if we are witnessing them from the future, wistfully.  What do we want to keep, what do we already mourn, what should we image now before we lose it? 


Many objects gathered, recorded, left strewn about, remembering.  Our futurism is bent with melancholy, our objects sing songs long after us while we look at them.  Each still life feels filled with rubble, but we are still finding things underneath, moss growing in sludge.


I curated for a mood, gothic but neon, Spanish moss-covered, dank romantic. A flooded floating world.  I curated for high skill but also for labor, I like things that look labored over and invested in, I think that adds to their talismanic worth, their secret power is time with human hands and minds.


If the scene seems cheerful, there is a kind of snarling darkness underneath.  Are they using candles for fun?  Is that poodle about to bite or catch? 


I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing all the work together as a group and there were many more submissions I wanted to include, literally shows more, but I was curating for mood and a kind of dark humor.  I think more shows should be curated with this wide-open call approach on the internet, I feel like I’ve seen so many different things and I am so grateful to you all for sharing your work with me.

Juror Kirstin Lamb February 2020

Drowned neon rose

Christine Buckton Tillman
50 x 42 in
Victoria V Nunley​
Scenes from a Wawa (Sorry Caravaggio)
Acrylic on Canvas
28 x 36 in
Andrew Venell
Unique Sorrows of the American Home
Acrylic & inkjet collage
18 x 24 in
Tracy Kerdman
Oil on wood
16 x 20in
Katie Lane
Love Note Found in a Rain Gutter
24" x 25" x 3"
Richard Kooyman
Lake Front Garden
18 x 24 in
Oil on canvas
Jessica Wohl
Stars and Bars
60" x 66”
Emma Hartman
The River
Acrylic on Board
18 x 18 in
Stephanie Sherwood
Confine in Situ: Produce Display
Enamel on Found Discarded Furniture
72 x 120 Inches
Danielle Klebes
Oil & Spray paint on canvas
48 x 80 in
Erin Galvez
Duality II
34 x 71in
Michael Yates
Unit 2
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in
Valerie Wilcox
Neti, Neti
Mixed Media
15 x 21 x2.5 in
John Berry
43 x 31.5 in
Acrylic, spray paint and flashe on canvas
Val Sears
I Don’t Mind the Sun Sometimes
Oil on panel
11 x 14 in
Danny Baskin
Entombment Vase
Fabric, Polyfill, pvd, wire, thread
53 x 35 x 15 in
Hayley Youngs
Joaquin Phoenix
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 48 in
Chantal Lesley
Pin the Fantasy on the Female
Signed on the Dotted Line
Archival Inkjet Print
12 x 18 in
Robert McCann
Not to Fall Apart
Oil on panel
56 x 48 in
Rachel Hausmann Schall
Glyph #1
Plywood, Sculptamold, acrylic Paint
9.5 x 13.5 x 2 inches
Ya’el Pedroza
Acrylic Paint, spray paint, airbrush, gesso trasfer
3 x 4 feet
Serena Perrone
Fata Morgana/ Mondo Nuovo
Porcelain and Wood Peepshow Theater Containing 18 Hand Colored Screenprint Scenes
36 x 16 x 60 in
Pete Mejia Hoffecker
90 x 120 x 26 in
Laura Colomb
Hiding Spot
Oil on Panel
9 x 12 in
Nina Fromal
A Dream of Millennial Opulence
Gouache on canvas
16 x 16 in
Lynne Bowman Cravens
Subaerial Inversion
Hand stitched Inkjet pigment printed fabric
31 x 29 in
Christian Mickovic
Dog Fight
Oil on canvas
53 x 40 in
Julie Alpert
Dress Up
20 x 16 in
Ellen Starr Lyon
Seeing Yellow While I see the Past
Oil on canvas
24 x 28 in
Merryn Trevethan
Flight from the City #1
Acrylic Collage
12 x 9 in
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Jeila Gueramian
Mixed Textiles
20 x 20 x 5 in
Lindsay Hall
15 x 28 x 21 in
Dora Kontha
Chromogenic handmade print, 40x26 in
Seth Remsnyder
Warm Weather Heart
Paint on metal
10 x 14 in
Grace Porter
Night Rainbow
Mixed media on linen
31 x 41 in
Jackie Fischer
Lobster Bouquet
9 x 8 x 11 in
Making Department
Chevron Repeats
Ephemeral Installation In the Sand
Emma Steinkraus
Happy Poodle
Acrylic on paper
44 x 36 in
Karen Kuo
Dewy on a Good Day
Oil on panel
22 x 22 x 2 in
Darcie Book
Passing in the Night
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 41 x 4 in
Rachel Sydlowski
Parlor in the Wilderness
Screenprint Installation
12 x 17 x 17 ft
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