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Robert Gamblin: Pigment, Paint & Passion-Creating Paintings & an International Paint Making Company

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I am thrilled to share this episode with the artist and creator of the fabulous oil paints, Robert Gamblin. Robert makes wonderful landscape paintings and is the founder of Gamblin Artists Colors, an international brand of oil painting and printmaking materials.

In this episode, we talk about Robert’s time in art school, how and why Robert started Gamblin Paints, how he grew the company, his work as a painter and also tons of great info about pigments, mediums, and grounds! I have to say that I’m really inspired by Robert. He is a generous artist who wants to support other artists. He has built this amazing oil paint business, the largest in the United States and they make GREAT paint which I’ve used for over a decade! They are innovative with their mediums to make things that artists want AND they provide a ton of FREE resources on their website which are seriously helpful. If you guys head to you can find tons of info from videos on how to varnish your work, to what mediums would be a good fit, to how to travel with oil paints!

Before we dive in, I have to share the story about how I connected with Robert in the first place. You guys may have listened to my interview with the fab Lisa Congdon and the artist Lisa Solomon who had just released the book Field Guide to Color. Well, both Lisa’s are amazing and it just so happened that Lisa Solomon was releasing her book at Lisa Congdon’s store in Portland! I am one who is always down for travel so I turned to one of my fav travel friends, Liz Wick, who is a good friend, art collector and runs the coffee shop Astoria Coffee in Queens to go with me! Sidebar, she has also been interviewed in season 1 if you want to check it out.

As I’m prepping to travel I come in contact with an art writer who also works at Gamblin and lives in Portland and he asked if I was going to be checking out the factory. That is when it all clicked! I reached out and Robert was so kind and agreed to meet with me. I get off the plane and I roll my roller bag over to Gamblin and it’ s like Charlie in the Chocolate factory. The pigments! The paint! The mediums! It was really fun to check it out. We chatted over tea about his life as a painter, his work, the company, and I am so excited that we got to continue the conversation on the podcast!

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