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Artist Lisa Congdon: Finding Your Artistic Voice, Rejecting Imposter Syndrome & Generosity

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Lisa Congdon is an incredibly talented, successful and humble artist. I am pretty much obsessed with Lisa because she is an organized, artistic, kind and genuine dynamo! Lisa is an illustrator and author best known for her colorful, graphic drawings and hand lettering. She works for clients around the world including Comme des Garçons, Crate and Barrel, Facebook, MoMA, REI, and Harvard University among many others. She is the author of eight books, including the starving-artist-myth-smashing Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist and her latest book Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic (August 2019). She was named one of 40 Women Over 40 in 2015 and she is featured in the 2017 book, 200 Women Who Will Change the Way you See the World. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

In this episode we dive into:

-Switching careers later in life- How she started making work around the age of 32

-Becoming a PRO- Rejecting imposter syndrome and lessons learned

-How she got into writing and teaching-ie her belief in giving back and being generous

-Advice-She wrote the book on art business! Hear her advice for artists both artistically AND on the business end.

You guys are going to absolutely LOVE this episode, I know I had a blast talking to her. Thanks for listening!


Follow Lisa on Instagram @lisacongdon

Lisa's books:

Visit Lisa at her store in Portland

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Aby Mackie
Aby Mackie

Thanks Erika for this Fantastic episode with Lisa Congdon! There's so many things I can relate to, and I love the part where she talks about her life and art being inseparable.

I look forward to the next podcast!

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