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Knowing Your Numbers & The One Best Thing You Can Do Now

Hannah Cole is an artist based in Asheville, NC and the owner of Sunlight Tax. She also runs Money Bootcamp, a yearlong membership program to get artists from financial chaos to financial control, so you can get back to your studio.

When you know what your profit is, you unlock the power to know what things cost you, whether you need to raise your prices and how much you owe in taxes way before the deadline. So how do you do it, and what is the one key action step that will help you right now?

Visit and use the code ILYWMONEYSQUAD to get exclusive access to the free community I Like Your Work Money Squad. The I Like Your Work Money Squad is only available to listeners when they join Money Bootcamp and is a free support group for artists that includes monthly emails and a private Slack channel that will help keep you motivated and accountable. To apply for the 2022 Plum Lime Residency Program or Session 2 visit

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