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Gallerist & Author Bridgette Mayer: Building Your Art Career, Money Mindset, & Working w Galleries

Gallerist and Author Bridgette Mayer has spent the past two decades running a multimillion-dollar gallery business and leading artists in crafting their careers. In this episode, we talk about overcoming childhood abuse to find her true passion in the arts, her love of working with artists, adjusting your money mindset and business end of your practice and her new book, The Modern Artist's Way! The Modern Artist's Way guides you in defining what makes you happy, how to value your work, and creating a vision—and ultimately a plan—to build a career you're proud of. I'm halfway through the book and underlining a lot of passages. We also discuss how Bridgette is assisting artists in realtime in her Art MBA FB group and her experience working as an art coach. (Spoiler, I talk about how she helped me!) This episode is loaded with great info for helping artists at any level in their career.

Bridgette Mayer Gallery has been featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 as a small business “On The Rise” and was recognized as a recommended Philadelphia arts destination in The New York Times Magazine. In 2013, Mayer was named one of the top 500 Galleries in the world by Boulin ArtInfo, and was also featured in the Tory Burch Foundation’s “Women To Watch” series. Mayer has been a featured speaker on many panels in the Philadelphia area and has guest lectured at a number of Universities, where her talks focus on how emerging artists can promote their work and sustain a career in the arts.


-Overcoming lack mentality to find your worth.

-Defining career goals as an artist.

-Your money mindset and manifestation.

-What is an art coach and what do they do?

-Advice for artists from a gallerist's perspective.

-Business tips for your art practice.


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