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Combating Loneliness as An Artist

I was approached by Redfin to give tips on living alone! For three years I lived alone with my two cats Buffy and Angel. After being in Brooklyn for years where I couldn’t afford my own place, I felt incredibly lucky but also….lonely. I remember when my friends would be with their family and I was watching Netflix with Buffy. While that was great, I had to work against those feelings of isolation. Thankfully this has become a topic of discussion since the lockdown so that we can think of creative ways to combat that sinking feeling.

In Redfin’s article, you can read my tips and top tips from others on ​​how to thrive on your own. Here are some other tips for combatting loneliness for artists!

1- Start a crit group: Start a meet-up for artists where you can share your work. Advertise it on social media and don’t be afraid to start small with just a few people.

2- Join a gym: We all need some body movement. Join a gym and take a yoga class or just walk on the track and be around people. This has been one of my favorite ways to combat loneliness and is great for introverts because it allows you to be around people without having to engage in conversation if you don’t want to.

3- Hiking group: Join a hiking group to get some exercise, meet people and use the hike as visual inspiration for your work.

4- Take a class: Classes are a fantastic way to find people you share a similar interest and learn new skills. You can take a photography class to brush up on taking images of your work and meet new people.

5- Join an online community: An online community is a great way to combat loneliness, take a class and even be part of a crit group. The main difference is you start to build a community that is national or international. If you are in an area where it is hard to meet artists or take classes this could be a great fit.

If you listen to I Like Your Work and enjoy it as a way to feel engaged with other artists, check out our Online Community, The Works! We have crits, conversations, and weekly content to help you in your art practice! You can check it out right here!

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