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CEO of Big Cartel Anna Brozek- Supporting Artists and Marketing Tips for Selling Work Online

In this episode, I talk to the CEO of Big Cartel, Anna Brozek, about selling work online and tips for artists on marketing. Some of you may use Big Cartel but for those that don’t, Big Cartel is a technology company built by artists for artists. The company makes tools that are empowering, affordable, and easy-to-use in order to help more people make a living doing what they love. They are the home to over 1.5 million independent artists and makers from around the world, helping them sell more than $3 billion of their work directly to consumers. Juliette Lewis, actually is on there and the company is 100% independently owned and the team vows to never sell. They are also a remote company which I think is cool with 37 employees across 17 states.

Anna Brozek is the first non-founder CEO of Big Cartel. She joined the company eight years ago, initially hired onto the marketing team after owning a beloved indie record shop in Salt Lake City with her husband. In that role, she nurtured the community of musicians in town, held in-stores for visiting artists and released a few albums on the store’s own label, Slowtrain Records. We talk about how running an indie record store lead to what she does now, her love of supporting artists and building community in the arts and she shares marketing tips for artists looking to sell online. Anna was great to have on the show and I know you will love hearing from her and learning a few marketing tips!

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