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Carve Out Time For Art-Motherhood, Making Time & Embracing Efficiency

I am so excited to welcome Marissa Huber and Heather Kirtland to the show! Marissa and Heather are both artists and they also created the amazing site Carve Out Time For Art. The mission of COTFA is to empower people to stop dreaming and start doing! From 2015-2016 they posted an artist/mother interview a week and they are now releasing their book, The Motherhood of Art Book in April! This is such an amazing resource and I wish I would have had this when I had my first child. Marissa and Heather are shining a light on a topic that affects so many women in the arts. Through their site and book, they are creating conversations that are allowing people to live their best life and create community. “Women and new mothers are constantly encountering the message that they can never do anything for themselves once they have children. This conversational book is like brunch with girlfriends, offering you friendly advice, community encouragement, and tips on carving time out for creative endeavors. Meet women who not only defied the "no more time to be an artist" stereotype, but found motherhood gave them focus, confidence, and efficiency in their art and creative endeavors.”

This is a majorly EMPOWERING episode for anyone rejecting negative societal expectations placed on them from "you can't be an artist and have kids", "you have to give up everything for your kids" to "in be an artist you must be __________". None of these statements support artists rather they pass judgment and leave a narrow window for what an artist can be.

In this episode, we cover a ton of great info including:

-not feeling guilty for making time

-organizing time

-parenthood leading to becoming a more efficient creator

-our stories on how to adapt to a new schedule

-how we made time for art


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