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Artist Norton Pease

Norton had worked with numerous artists including Frank Stella, Nancy Rubins, and James Nares through preparatory work as well as being a consultant. Currently, he is an Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Humanities as well as Professor of Art in the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art at Georgia Southern University.

"My artwork encompasses both abstract and figurative portrayals that synthesize different traditions and genres while playing with perceptions of identity and social order. The paintings are an accumulation of various stylistic influences, which I use to address political and social issues. I am currently engaged in both current events and day-to-day life; the work roots itself in life experiences and my understanding through illustrative means. I tend to use the colonizing imagery of vintage children's books as source material, which takes on new meaning through a contemporary context. That figuration finds its way into recent work, which is reflective of my relocation to the South in 2018. The paintings begin with an idea, the image that I want to convey. Of course, there are always discoveries by way of accidents through the process of creation, but the underlying concept still resonates."

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