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Jasmine Zelaya-Setting Goals & Making It Happen: From Magazine Covers to BET+

In this episode, I had a wonderful time connecting with the Houston based artist Jasmine Zelaya. A lot of you guys may be familiar with Jasmine's work from the cover of New American Paintings. In this interview, we touch on the topic of why Jasmine decided to start applying to opportunities such as New American Paintings and how by setting that goal for herself, she has been in multiple publications, exhibitions, mural projects and now had her work featured in the show First Wives Club on BET+.

From talking about goals to her studio practice and our mutual love of jackets, Jasmine was a pleasure to have on the show. She is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, and received her BFA in Painting in 2006. She was awarded a residency through the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2008. Based in Houston, her work has been exhibited throughout the US. Her work has been included in various publications, including the Winter Issue 11 of ArtMaze Magazine and she was the cover artist for New American Paintings, West Issue #132. In 2018, her painting “Twins” was displayed on the Main Street Marquee, a billboard-sized installation displayed on the exterior of the Main Street Market building in Downtown Houston. Most recently, her work was featured on First Wives Club, now streaming on BET+.


First Wives Club

New American Paintings

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