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How to Balance Being a Painter, Mom & Running a Successful Podcast with Kaylan Buteyn

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Kaylan Buteyn is an artist, curator, founder of the Artist/Mother Podcast and founder of Stay Home Gallery & Residency. Her practice primarily focuses on female empowerment, the maternal experience, and community engagement. Her paintings are rooted in abstraction, often referencing the maternal form. She has exhibited in galleries and community spaces internationally. In 2019, as a social extension of her art practice, Kaylan started the Artist/Mother Podcast, sharing interviews of working artists who are mothers. The podcast has grown to a large network of women artists and offers support and encouragement for them through exhibitions, publications, retreats, a crit group program and more. In 2020 as a response to the global covid-19 pandemic, Kaylan co-founded Stay Home Gallery with Pam Taylor and the two took their virtual gallery physical when Kaylan offered her home and artist studio in rural Tennessee as a brick and mortar gallery and artist residency space. Kaylan holds an MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She now lives with her partner and their 3 children in Fort Wayne, IN.


-It’s never too late to dive into the arts or become an artist

-Building a creative business

-Reverse Engineering

-Joy in being Productive

-Thinking about the studio day like a studio week

- Working in a sketchbook each day.

-Referencing her own work to build her language.

-Working in “scrapes of time”

- Always having side work with the big work (16x20 or 20x24)

-Go deeper instead of wider

-Getting feedback on your work that can help you grow.


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