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As one scroll through the selected artworks in "Radiate & Repeat," themes of sunsets, meditation and pattern will become evident. Colors such as neon pinks, oranges and blues repeat through the artworks, exploring tranquility and beauty with an edge of something being slightly off-balance or unnatural. There is a sense of an otherworldly, futuristic look at the relationship of the built environment to the natural world and how the two interact and create new patterns. Works largely fall into the warm and cool palette with pops of lavenders and greens, like highlights of the transitions from day to night or the present to the future. Selected artworks give a sense of a contemplative mood, reflecting on themes of ephemerality, change, and transience.

Imperfection is explored through the repetition of lines, shapes, texts, and patterns that evolve, adapt, dissipate, and expand. There is an acknowledgment of flaws that feels meditative, growth-oriented, organic, and full of both hope and despair. Symmetry is disturbed with off-kilter angles and tension of balance. Works live neither in the realm of photorealism or abstract geometric perfection, but in an acceptance of the between, with painterly gestural marks, perspective angles off-centered and drip marks that feel spontaneous and unplanned.

Several artists address the human impact on the environment through issues such as climate change, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity and encourage us toward a more sustainable future. Other artists are commenting on social patterns and potential outcomes as alterations, progression and growth occur through our language and social interactions. In both instances, there is a predictive manner that the artists are suggesting that can be seen as either a tale of warning, a neon glowing potentially toxic future or one that is malleable, though changing our own patterns, potential for a more positive outcome.

Thank you to all who submitted their work for the Spring Open Call, it was such a pleasure to view the work, and incredibly difficult to narrow it down. The response was truly wonderful and it was a thrill to see so much talent and creativity. I was immediately impressed with the high quality and variety of work submitted and diversity of locations, with submissions from all parts of the globe!  There were about 4-5 different exhibits that could have been created from this Open Call, each important and powerful. To all the Artists, I greatly thank you for your participation, you are all an inspiration.


Christina Massey

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Jessica Alazraki

Randi Bachman

Taylor Bamgbose

Ellen Blum

Alexandra Brock

Connie Brown

Christine Bush Roman

Sarah Canfield

Adam Cardello

Alexandra Chiou

Zoe Cohen

Vita Eruhimovitz

Patricia Fabricant

Alexis Granwell

Valérie Hallier

Carolynn Haydu

Bussie Parker Kehoe

Barbara Kemp Cowlin

Emily Kepulis

Jongbum Kim

Ki Yeun Kim

Susan Klein

Dawn Kramlich

Alison Kudlow

Bonny Leibowitz

John Oliver Lewis

Selena Lozano

Suzanne Moseley & Adrienne Shishko

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann

Taylor Maroney

Julie Peppito

Tegan Brozyna Roberts

Kayo Shido

Lauren Skelly Bailey

Roxa Smith

Kat Spears

Jacquelyn Strycker

Corrine Yonce

Donna Zarbin-Byrne

Emna Zghal.


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