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Gallerists Ashley Noyes & Bryce Smith on Creating a Collaborative & Innovative Space for Artists

This week I’m chatting with gallerists Ashley Noyes and Bryce Smith, who created the amazing space Naranjo 141 in Mexico this past year. In this episode we talk about how they both got their start in the arts and what inspired them to start Naranjo 141. 

NARANJO 141, founded in 2023 in Mexico City by Ashley Noyes and Bryce Smith, is a project-based contemporary art gallery and residency program dedicated to local and international emerging artists. The program is focused on providing an accessible platform to support, engage and grow today’s talent. As a meeting place for artists and the community, we are particularly committed to fostering a narrative founded on the joint, collaborative voices of the artists, galleries and collectors of this generation. 



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2023 Residency Participants: Fabian Ramirez, Lily Alice Baker, Bayo Alvaro, Taylor Lee, Christopher Paul Jordan, Lizzy Lunday, Anna Kenneally

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