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Field Projects: NYC Space Supporting Artists & Curating Through Open Calls

Field Projects is an artist-run project space in Chelsea NYC and online venue dedicated to emerging and mid-career artists. Centered on long-term curatorial projects, Field Projects presents monthly exhibitions at their Chelsea location in addition to participating in pop-up exhibitions in and around New York as well as art fairs around the world. The gallery invites artists to submit their work for consideration twice a year through an open call submission process. They discover about 80% of the artist they show through our open call submission process.

Field Projects was founded by artists Jacob Rhodes and Keri Oldham in 2011 and is currently run by Jacob Rhodes, Rachel Frank, and Kristen Racaniello. Interns are Isabella Cilia and Ellen Hersey and previous members are Jason Mones, Blair Murphy, Alissa D. Polan, Keri Oldham.

For this interview, I visited their space in Chelsea to talk to Jaco, Rachel and Kristen about their background in the arts, starting Field Projects, curatorial projects, applying to open calls and balancing their artistic practice with Field Projects. Field Projects has always been an inspirational space for me and after this interview, I was really blown away by their generosity and sincerity for curating shows and supporting artists. They are the real deal and share their experience as artists and curators in this episode.

Currently, they are curating a show in the Spring Break Art Show featuring Kate Klingbeil and they currently are exhibiting a show curated by Rachel. In addition to the shows they are curating through Field Projects, Kristen has work in Spring Break in a show curated by Jac Lahav and Eli Bronner called "Just for the Taste of It" and has an article-- Haptic Homoeroticism: Evidence of Queer Bathing Histories in the Glazier De Balneis Puteolanis-- coming out soon in the Public Art Dialogue but you can check it out now on her page.


Kristen on Insta-@krisrac (for curatorial) and @krisracworks (for art)

Kristen on Twitter-@krisrac



HOARDERS HOUSE⁠ Curated by Chistin Graham & Sam Trioli

Featuring: Angela Alba, Corinne Bernard, Margot Bird, Sebastian Blanck, Cady Bogart, Ian Clyde, Bobby Davidson, Keith Ervin, Matthew Farrell, Gregory Hedderman, Lindsey Howard, Kelly Inouye, Lindsay Iredale, Jessica Lancaster, Sarah Malekzadeh, Ana Medina, Ashley Miller, Kilee Price, Buket Savci, Emily Silver, Reba Tyson⁠ Dates: Jan. 9- Feb. 8, 2020⁠

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