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Exploration, Ecology, and Public Projects with Artist Rebecca Rutstein

Rebecca Rutstein is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice bridges art, science and technology. For over twenty years she has created painting, sculpture, interactive installation and public art inspired by the natural world. Her work sheds light on places and processes hidden from view to foster deeper connection in the face of our climate crisis. As an artist-in-residence, Rutstein’s collaborations with scientists have taken her around the world including seven expeditions at sea and two deep-sea dives to the ocean floor in the Alvin submersible, supported by the National Science Foundation. Her work with oceanographers, ecologists, microbiologists, molecular scientists and planetary geologists give her a unique perspective and broad view of the interconnectedness of all things in the natural world.

A recipient of the Pew Fellowship in the Arts with recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts, her work has been featured on NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Vice & Vogue UK magazines. Rutstein has exhibited both nationally and internationally in over thirty solo shows, and her work can be found in more than forty public collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Georgia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, National Academy of Sciences, US Department of State, US Consulate in Thailand, and Yale University. Rutstein received an MFA from University of Pennsylvania and a BFA from Cornell University.






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