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Artist Phillip J Mellen-Generosity, Making, and Painting

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

In this episode, we discuss his process, inspiration, and continuing to make work when you know you are called to do so. Phillip lives and works in Taunton, Massachusetts and studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In addition to being a painter, he has multiple podcasts such as Ahtcast, The Mixed Media TAPES, Ahtakes, and has the blog Artist Family Tree.


Podcast projects:

Ahtcast – Visual Artist Interview Podcast-

The Mixed-Media Tapes – Short format artist audio talks on aspects/topics of studio life/practice-

Ahttakes – Artists speaking on art related practice. Such as collaboration, blogging, listening to music, poetry etc.

Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse - Read by Benedict Cumberbatch: In 1960, pioneering American artists Sol LeWitt and Eva Hesse met for the first time and became close friends. In 1965, Eva found herself facing a creative block during a period of self-doubt, and told Sol of her frustrating predicament. Sol replied with this letter.

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