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Black Astronaut: Kamal X -Searching for Beauty in a Divided America

Kamal X is a self-taught documentary photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Photography found Kamal in 2015, after deciding to quit everything to travel the world in honor of his best friend who passed away due to colon cancer. A hard truth that serves as a major influence in his creative style, which is rooted in telling stories that showcase the hidden truths of humanity that are often misunderstood or overlooked. Kamal’s covering of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests of Oakland, CA and Washington D.C. granted him the opportunity to be featured in the New York Times. Deciding to mold those images into a mini-series entitled The Beautiful: Oakland to D.C., he won 2nd place in Lensculture’s Black & White Photography Awards. More recently, Kamal was featured in Apple’s “Hometown” campaign which highlighted black photographers across America. Lastly, in 2021 Kamal self-published his debut photography book, A Quest Supreme, which documents 5 years of traveling to over 40 countries in search of inner peace.

“I am a self-made photographer that strives to push my limits to create images that evoke emotion and honesty. In a world that is often consumed with what’s next, my goal is to help us remember the core elements of who we truly are.”


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