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Ashley Longshore: You Are Good Enough-Entrepreneurship, Self-Confidence & Global Brands

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I had such a blast talking to Ashley Longshore about her life, work and how she stays positive! From working with Gucci to having collectors like Blake Lively and Eli Manning, she talks about not becoming an artist but BEING BORN an artist, showing up to do the work, loving yourself and her new partnership with Maybelline.

Ashley is on fire! Not just in her career where just walked the catwalks for NYC's fashion week but in her life! Ashley shares her view on believing in yourself and following your path!

New Orleans-based mixed-media artist, Ashley Longshore, has been compared to a young, feminist Andy Warhol for her obsession with pop culture figures and brands as well as her relationships with celebrities and billionaire entrepreneurs. From George Washington in a Supreme hoodie to Jesus surrounded in Louis Vuitton to Kate Moss as a nun, Longshore’s paintings, focusing on pop culture, Hollywood glamour, and American consumerism, are never shy of daring – her art makes noise. Dubbed by The New York Times as “Fashion’s Latest Art Darling,” she has emblazoned the path for pop art and fashion to coexist.

Longshore was recently celebrated by Bergdorf Goodman as its first female artist solo exhibit in its 100-plus-year history and designed the newly opened Palette at BG. Curated by Diane von Furstenberg for an exclusive art experience at her flagship location, Ashley painted a collection of forty iconic women who changed the course of history. Ashley professes on the regular: “I’m brave enough to be who I am in a society where there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect. I can only be me and I encourage YOU to be YOU.”

In this episode we dive into:

-Going from being self-taught to working with global brands -Realizing you can only be yourself -What Ashley does if and when she gets nervous -How she stays positive -What it is like working with global brands and superstar collectors


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