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Artist Todd Jones

Todd Jones is an experimental artist working with painting, drawing, and sculpture. He is using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to explore the application of paint. Todd is currently living and working in Athens, Ohio and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and double majored in studio art and psychology at Florida State University. Since graduating, he has been an artist-in-residence at Studio 209 in Thomasville, GA and has attended the Summer Painting and Sculpture Intensive hosted by the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Todd is currently pursuing his MFA in Painting and Drawing at Ohio University.

I paint through a variety of both traditional and non-traditional methods: by brush, marbling, or by pouring and drying pigment into skins. Discarded paint is found and recycled then altered and applied. At times paint skins are rolled up, taking on the form of tongues or flowers. The artwork takes an investigational approach to new materials, manipulating them to gain a better understanding of their limitations. As a process-driven artist, I view my artistic practice as scientific experimentation.

I explore the ideologies of an image by deconstructing its properties. Ideas of pigment, surface, and stretcher are considered and repurposed. Color is taken from the industrial world and emphasizes the tactile quality of paint. This texture is cold and mechanic but stimulates the tastefulness of the color. For example, when blue, especially paired with pink is used it promotes sugary products and is associated with sweetness. The paint comes from the everyday such as places like hardware stores and advertisements.

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