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Artist Taylor O. Thomas: The Physical Act of Painting and Embracing the Process

I am really excited to bring you this episode with Taylor O. Thomas! I first connected with Taylor when she submitted her work to be a Studio Visit artist and have followed and loved her work ever since. I am thrilled to now have her on the show! I had such a great time talking to Taylor about how she became interested in the arts, spoiler she almost went to a very different type of school! How she starts a day in her studio and where she draws color inspiration.

Taylor O. Thomas is an American painter from Birmingham, Alabama who uses gestural

painting as a means of making manifest human tendencies, ways of seeing, and the

interconnection between the body and the mind. Her paintings have been exhibited in

galleries and private collections across the United States and in Italy, Spain, Singapore,

and China. In 2012, Thomas graduated magna cum laude from Davidson College with a

BA in Studio Art. She was then awarded a Graduate Fellowship by the University of

South Florida and earned her MFA in 2019.

Thomas is the recipient of an inaugural Innovate Artist Grant, a Peripheral Vision

Publication Fellowship, a two-time role as Publication Juror for Friend of the Artist, a

Regional Artist Project Grant by the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte, North

Carolina, and a residency fellowship to attend Benaco Arte in Sirmione, Italy. Other

residencies include MassArt: Art New England and Deli Grocery New York. Thomas

currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida.

Thomas is represented by Deli Grocery New York (Brooklyn, NY) and her dealer is Emily Friedman Fine Art (Los Angeles, CA)

In this episode, we cover a ton of great info including:

-changing paths in college

-having a type-a personality as an artist

-transitioning to abstraction

-palette colors

-using non-traditional tools to apply paint

-Taylor's life post-grad school

-community and finding gallery representation


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