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Artist Mychaelyn Michalec: Motherhood, Taking Time Off & Taking the Reigns of Your Art Career

Check out this week's interview with artist Mychaelyn Michalec! Mychaelyn is an artist whose work has exploded in terms of material and exposure. This is a really uplifting interview that I am excited to share with you because it dives into ideas on motherhood and creativity, taking time off and taking control of your career. I was personally inspired by this interview because we dive into a ton of helpful topics and we talk about a topic that isn't discussed enough, taking time off after having kids. With the recent spotlight on mother artists, we applaud the mom who is back in her studio with a newborn strapped to her chest and brush in hand but I wonder if this pressure is healthy? Why are we afraid to take time to breathe? I found it extremely empowering to hear Mychaelyn's story of taking a break and then coming back to her art practice to make wonderful work and become a booming success in just a few years. It's a reminder that we each have our own creative path and to embrace and follow it and truly have fun during the process.

Mychaelyn's work depicts ultramodern matters of domestic life. Using her cell phone, she covertly photographs her life, making drawings from the photos, and translating those images into art. Recently, she has been using the domestic craft of rug tufting to recreate scenes of domestic life. These rugs are created with an industrial tufting gun, then stretched and hung like paintings. These pieces reside within the realm of both domestic and fine art just as she resides between the sometimes conflicting world of being a mother and an artist.


-Being a Juror for Open Calls



-Taking time off after having children

-Returning to her art practice

-Promoting your work

-Material Exploration

-Artist Residencies

-Relationship Building in the Arts


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