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Artist Jean Koeller: Painting Between Observation, Memory, and Invention

In this episode, I talk to the artist Jean Koeller about her approach to painting, making a living as an artist, and how she works between observation, memory, and invention. Jean received her BFA from Wright State University, her MFA from Parsons School of Art and Design, and is an alumna of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Her work is in numerous collections, including the Ohio Arts Council, Ohio Supreme Court, and Ohio Governor's Residence in Columbus, Ohio, Miami Valley Cultural District in Dayton, Ohio, and Kettering Hospital, in Kettering, Ohio. She has taught painting and drawing at various colleges and universities in Ohio.

Jean lives and works in Ohio where she paints still life and landscape. Her work explores these genres through observation, memory, and invention. Art and nature draw her equally into their respective worlds. “I find that my painting is seamlessly about both, since long ago I lost any ability or desire to separate the two or to regard one over the other. The painting tells me what I need to do. The process constantly presents new possibilities, both from and away from nature.”


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