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ArtGirlRising: Founder Liezel Strauss

South African-born Liezel Strauss co-founded Subject Matter in 2011 in Tokyo with her husband Jon Hindley with the dream of making art more accessible. Liezel went on to create ArtGirlRising of which she is the co-founder and director. In 2019 she was named one of UN Women's top 100 female innovators worldwide, as part of their She Innovates Global programme.

Liezel was inspired to create ArtGirlRising by The #5WomenArtists campaign, created by the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA). Over the last 3 years we have donated more than £12,000 to charities and not for profits, including NMWA, Women for Women and Tessera Arts Collective.

Liezel is smart, warm, funny, honest and overall a blast to talk to on the show! I know you will enjoy hearing from Liezel.


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