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Art Writer John Seed: Teaching, Making, Building Community and Writing About Artists

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I am really excited to share this episode with you guys because it is with the art writer John Seed. I’m sure many of you have read or follow John Seed on social media. I’ve been following his writing for a while now and also enjoyed how he was championing figurative painting during a time when it wasn’t as popular. In fact, John is speaking today, Friday, March 13 at Kalamazoo Institute of Art on David Park and has a show he curated up at Sue Greenwood Gallery in Laguna Beach, Table for Four. I will be sharing images from that show and of David Park’s work. I was actually planning to go to the discussion at KIA, which I talk about in the interview, but decided at the last minute, not to due to the coronavirus. I hope all of you are staying healthy and making the decisions you need to make for your own health and practice etc.

John Seed is a California-based arts writer, painter, curator, and retired professor. Seed is a 7th generation Californian who grew up in Westside, Los Angeles. He began making art while attending Stanford University, where he earned a BA in Studio Art and an MA in Fine and Studio Art at UC Berkeley. He began writing about art for his local newspaper, which led to a position writing for The Huffington Post. Since then Seed has written for Harvard Magazine, Hyperallergic, and Christie’s Hong Kong to name a few. He has published several books and he is a frequent speaker and panelist. In our conversation, we discuss his formative experiences, how he started to write, his time teaching and his advice for artists. John was so wonderful to connect with and talk to and is a true advocate for the arts and artists.


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