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A House Dedicated to Art & the Tactile Process of Making: Artist Susan Carr

Susan Carr captured my attention over a year ago when I saw the work she sent in to be a Studio Visit Artist and I was hooked. Soon I was able to see her work in person and again, I couldn’t stop looking and thinking about it. Susan is an artist’s artist. She works hard, she is in tune with the materials, and her work takes us to another place of thought and care. It was a pleasure to talk to Susan and hear about how art is central to her life.

Susan’s house is set up to support the various materials she works with, from paint to wood and fiber. She is fearless in her ability to dive into a new material that serves her needs to communicate a certain idea or feeling. Tactility is another central point in Carr’s work, you want to touch all of it. From the painted sculptures to the pieces hanging on a wall, you want to touch them and feel the impasto surface that reminds me of a homemade cake in the very best way. A cake that serves to show love and not a store-bought convenience.

I know you will enjoy hearing from Susan as we discuss how she began making art, how having a family impacted her work, and a day in her life making.

Susan Carr currently has a solo exhibition "In my Room" at Labspace in Hillsdale New York open every Sat and Sunday 1-5 and always by appointment until November 8.

You can find her book “Tensions” at


1-Documenting Life through Art

2- Finding your own vocabulary in art

3-How family and children can impact you as an artist

4-Finding Freedom in materials

5-Following your intuition to make new work



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