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Sunlight Podcast with Hannah Cole

Hey, if you’ve downloaded the free visual deductions guide from Sunlight Tax, or listened to Hannah Cole give tips on how to pay yourself, and manage your taxes on the I Like Your Work podcast, then check out the new Sunlight podcast.

Artist and Tax Pro Hannah Cole started Sunlight Tax to empower creative people with the tax and money tools you need, so you can have more money, more time, and make a bigger impact with your work.

And in the Sunlight podcast, Hannah talks about taxes, money, + careers for creative people who have a big vision for changing the world with their work. If you’re an artist who wants to grow your business sustainably, manage your taxes, and build a stash of F-You money so you can control your time and have a bigger impact with your work, the Sunlight podcast is here for you.

You can even hear Erika Hess as a guest on the Sunlight podcast, talking about her own money hangups, starting her podcast, and how her career took off after she did what they said she shouldn’t in art school.

Check out the latest episode by searching for “sunlight” in your favorite podcast player, or find it at

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