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I wanted to address the decision to add a fee to the open call. It was a difficult decision. Ultimately the decision to have a fee was made to support the costs associated with running the podcast and website. If I didn't have a fee I wouldn't be able to provide a platform that shares your work. 

I am an artist too so I totally understand not wanting to sink more money into what you feel may or may not pay off. After running an artist collective and this space I've discovered that I prefer to pay a fee to keep certain indie spaces running. That being said it is up to YOU to make the decision if you want to invest or not. I know there are scam spaces that take your money and you never hear from them (I am not one of them!) I try to share your work in any way I can imagine. That is why I created the Studio Visit Blog and share applicants' work on our social media.

I am happy to say that artists have told me that they have received opportunities from being highlighted here. I have also discovered new artists that I have in mind for future curatorial projects and interviews.

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