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"Lemonade. Always." Spring Exhibition Catalog (2024)

Our brand new Spring Art Catalog, Lemonade. Always., is now available! This art catalog is curated by Sally Morgan Lehman (Morgan Lehman Gallery) and features top emerging artists from around the world. With full-color art throughout, you’ll find inspiring creativity and talent.


Features art by

Lisa Alonzo

Fern  Apfel

Jerry Birchfield

Sarah Brenneman

Thomas Bunnell

Laura Colomb

Antonia Constantine

Emma Francis

Inness Hancock

Kristy Hughes

Beth Humphrey

David Kasparek

Colleen Kiely

Keri Kimura

Emily Klass

Gabe Langholtz

Sandra Lapage

Christina Massey

Jack Masters

Claire McConaughy

Sarah More

Lauren Rice

Liz Rundorff Smith

Jane Sangerman

Annabelle Schafer

Frank Locke

Lawre Stone

Vivian Tong

Elise Wehle

Xiangjie Rebecca Wu

"Lemonade. Always." Spring Exhibition Catalog (2024)

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