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i like your work

grow as an artist. get your work featured. and get amazing resources to support your practice

growing as an artist doesn't happen in a vacuum.  from seeing work created by top artists to getting eyes on your own work, we need people and a space to grow. this is why we created the Works. A place for you to have your work featured, receive feedback and professional resources. let's work together & gain more opportunites.

Artist in Art Studio

Want more eyes on your work, more opportunities and more awesome artwork in your studio? Check out I Like Your Work's The Works Membership! Memebers have their work shared on our site with an interview about who they are and what they do! They also get free applications to our open calls. Not only that but you get a catalog of top work sent  to your doorstep each month!


You also receive  monthly resources to help you in your studio practice and a space for you to connect with other Works artists!


"Oh YES, Erika has filled a niche or need indeed! At least from my perspective. Specifically, at this particular time I really appreciate her honesty, willingness to be vulnerable and generosity. She is modeling how to put herself out-there and I appreciate that!" 

- The Works Member since Nov. 2021

"My experience as a Works Member has been wonderful! I especially loved my one-one-one meeting with Erika. I felt she really listened to me and offered insightful, honest and actionable advice. It was just the sort of support I needed to keep moving in my studio practice. This, in addition to the thoughtful content of ILYW, makes for a well rounded informational outlet for the artist interested in furthering their career and personal approach in the studio."

- The Works Member since Jan. 2022

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