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"It's Complicated" Summer Exhibition Catalog (2024)

Our brand new Summer Art Catalog, It’s Complicated, is now available for PRE-ORDER! This art catalog is curated by Erika Diamond (@diamond_erika) and features top emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. See brilliant work in full colour, featuring artists:


Sasha Baskin

Linda Behar

Jess Blaustein

Kate Clements

Rachel David

Marcus Dunn

Camilla Fallon

Cianne Fragione

Ash Garner

Marjorie Hellman

Hannah Hill

Lily Hollinden

Shabnam Jannesari

Heather Jones

Lexie Loader

Judith Mullen

Meirav Ong

Ellen Ramsey

Joy Ray

Nicole Ryan

Blake Sanders

Barbara Schreiber

Sarah Spillers

Jacquelyn Strycker

Sally Veach

Michael Velliquette

Jon Verney

Brant Weiland


Rachael Zur

"It's Complicated" Summer Exhibition Catalog (2024)

Expected to ship mid-July
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