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access 3 student's book download

Category:Language learning books Category:Algebra education you know the old saying about the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I was desperately determined to prove to myself I was right and others were wrong. I was so proud of my idea that I said everything I could to convince others of what I believed was true. One person, however, I did not expect to change my view was my best friend, Toni. Toni had a traditional upbringing, she dressed up nicely, she was a good student, she never missed a school dance, and she was one of the nicest girls I had ever known. It was such a shock when I told her that I didn't want to wear a ring. Toni had never asked me to marry her, and I had never talked to her about giving up the right to wear a ring. My mom made me wear a ring in order to "prove" I was a man. In my eyes, I was doing her a favor by wearing a ring, not the other way around. In the eyes of many people, I was the "type of girl" that they wanted, one of the popular girls that they hung out with at school, the girl that was chosen for dances. I had dated, dated, and dated. Everyone had their eyes on me. If I wanted to go out with Toni's friends, I had to wear a ring. I was having a hard time accepting the fact that she was not as "uppity" as I had thought. In my eyes, she could have as much fun and socialize as I did, but she didn't. She didn't try to be popular, she wasn't in the "in" crowd and she didn't hang out with anyone like the boys. "Why couldn't she be more like them?" I'd think, "they're her friends, she goes to the same parties, why can't she be like them?" I was going through a lot of things that I'm not sure she knew about, and I refused to confide in her. I was ashamed of the secret I was keeping. I didn't even tell my mom about it, and Toni knew nothing about it. "I don't feel comfortable talking about this," I'd say. Finally, Toni's mom found out, and then we had to talk. Toni was determined to let me know that she really was just like the girls I hung out with

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