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Winter Exhibition Catalog (2022)

Right now you can Pre-Order the Winter Exhibition Catalog titled, Notions of Beauty, curated by Eric Hibit! The catalog accompanies the online exhibition on


This exhibition and catalog features the amazing work by these artists:

Anthony Angelilli

Kyle Anger

Melissa Anne 

Caitlin Bradford

Melissa Capasso

Andrew Cornell Robinson

Mattie Egerter

Amelia Galgon 

Lou Haney  

Holly Harrison   

John Paul Kesling  

Emily Klass  

Gabe Langholtz  

Catherine LeComte  

Carrie Lederer   

Dustin London   

Tom Martinelli  

Amanda Millis  

Lauren Packard  

Kavel Rafferty  

Cary Reeder  

Clara Rubin  

Jaye Schlesinger  

Julia Schwadron Marianelli  

Christine Stiver  

Estefania Velez Rodriguez 

Tom Jean Webb  

David Willburn   

Megan Wolfkill   

Rebecca Youssef 

Winter Exhibition Catalog (2022)

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