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"Esprit de l’escalier" Summer Exhibition Catalog (2023)

Check out the the 2023 Summer Exhibition Catalog, Esprit de l’escalier,  from I Like Your Work. The art catalog is curated by Alicia Puig, and features top emerging artists from around the world. With full color art throughout, you'll be inspired by the creativity and talent


This exhibition and catalog features the amazing work by these artists:

Heidi Brueckner

Alexandra Carter

KC Christmas

Charles Clary

Andrea Connell

Judith Geher

Ahna Girshick

Julia C R Gray

Julia Hacker

Heather Jacks

Sarah Jacobs

Nicole James

Marlene Lowden

Claire McConaughy

Alexandra McLaughlin

Jennifer Mohr

Wowser Ng

Kelsey Overstreet

Kara Patrowicz

Joanna Poag

Heather Robinson

Bree Smith

Amy Spassov

Julia Katz Terry

Holly Trout

Kelly S. Williams

Loktung Wong

Holly Wong

Nasir Young

Mary Younkin

"Esprit de l’escalier" Summer Exhibition Catalog (2023)

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