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Forbidden Fruit Fall 2021 Exhibition Digital Catalog

Check out the digital catalog from the fall exhibition, Forbidden Fruit. This PDF contains incredible and timely work selected byby artist, teacher, curator and co-director, Hilary Doyle.


This full-color catalog highlights the fantastic work of  contemporary artists. 


Artists include:


Berly Brown, Susan Carr, Su A Chae, Alexandra Chiou, Julia Curran, Venetia Dale, Ann Dawkins, Catherine Della Lucia, Ariel Freiberg, Yuan Ge, Siena Hancock, Xiao He, Amber Heaton, Alison Judd, John Paul Kesling, Alicia Little, DaNice D Marshall, Farrell Mason-Brown, Rachel Morrissey, Kevin Mosca, Sophie Najjar, Taya Naumovich, Kara Patrowicz, Denise Reichenbach, Amy Reidel, Rebecca Roberts, Annika Sarin, Aparna Sarkar, Lauren Skelly Bailey, Cristl Stringer, Jacquelyn Stryker, B. Avery Syrig, Sarah Valeri, Xingyun Wang, and Robert Zurer. 

Forbidden Fruit Fall 2021 Exhibition Digital Catalog

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