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"Finding a Memory" Fall 2022 Exhibition Digital Catalog

Right now you can download the Fall Exhibition Catalog titled, Finding a Memory, curated by Erika b Hess! The catalog accompanies the exhibition which will be at Piano Craft Gallery in Boston, MA.


This exhibition and catalog features the amazing work by these artists:


Leslie Alfin, Steven J. Cabral, Lillian Chun, Abby Cipar, Tom Colcord, Laura Colomb, Catherine Della Lucia, Jan Dickey, Heather Drayzen, Courtney Dudley, KT Duffy, Nicholas Fagan, Gavin Fahey, Stephanie Franks, Daina Higgins, Devin Howell Curry, Mary Hughes, Barbara Ishikura, Leeya Rose Jackson, Shayna Kiblin, Lydia Kinney, Carlie Kinto, María Korol, Gabe Langholtz, Ruth Lantz, Amelie Mancini, Elizabeth McMahon, Isabel Monti, Rachel Morrissey, Celeste Morton, Lauren Portada, AJ Rombach, Daniel Rosenbaum, Jazlyne Sabree, Laura Sallade, fran shalom, Cory Emma Siegler, Jacquelyn Strycker, Jessica Tawczynski, Fenton Thompson, Noelle Timmons, Erin Treacy, Anthony Vasquez, Michael Villarreal & Rachel Walker.

"Finding a Memory" Fall 2022 Exhibition Digital Catalog

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