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Studio Time! Make the Most of It

Next week I will be releasing the I Like Your Work Studio Planner! I actually made this for myself when I got out of grad school and moved to NYC. I had a lot going on and I needed a place where I could put everything from studio notes, sketches, and resources so I could organize it. This way when I was back in my studio, I knew where to pick up. I was also learning about a ton of new artists, opportunities and I needed a place to keep ALL the info. You know when you have a studio visit and you are asked, "Who are you looking at right now?" This was a place to keep a running list of work I was seeing and reading about so I could quickly review before someone came over.

I still have the very first version of the Studio Planner and I have to be honest, it's pretty cool. (It was actually a notebook given to me from a grad school friend -Hi Karima Klasen-that I moded by creating sections and covering it with duct tape). Looking back, it is full of "wow" moments. It's great to be able to easily review and see what you were thinking about or doing a few years ago. One of my fav teachers Stanley Lewis told me, "In painting, you keep remembering what you already have learned and forgotten."

So you are probably thinking, "Ok cool but how does it work?" The first section is the Studio Session Section. I have it broken down so that you are able to structure your studio session to get the most out of it. The key is, this is super simple and FAST. I have ordered planners in the past that were supposed to help me with my "creative business" but I never used them because holy crap, there was SOOO much stuff to fill out and track, it was overwhelming and frankly felt like a waste of time. Not here. I hit the major things like identifying what you HAVE to get done or work on. Tip- Only list three things! A section for awesome thoughts you have while working, a materials section to remember a certain color/brand/glaze/medium etc you are working with that day and a thumbnail area for sketches to help with new ideas or work out a problem you are having in a current piece. You also end a session with, "Here is what I need to do next time."

The other cool thing is there are two ways you can buy this, number one is a digital download. This way you can download it, print it and put it in a binder. If you want you can reprint it! You can also buy a hard copy if you don't feel like printing it out. It's got a super cute cover and everything is together in one spot for you! It's up to you! I hope this helps you guys the same way it's helped me in my studio practice!


This planner was made for artists and creatives by an artist. As creatives, we can always use more time. More time in the studio, more time writing, more time creating what we do. This planner is a way to help you get the most out of your day. When you properly structure your studio session you will save hidden minutes that can be used for making and creating. That is what this planner does, provide space to think, plan and organize your thoughts to maximize your time in the studio.

You can order a hard copy or download and print this planner out on 8.5" x 11" paper and put it in your favorite binder or folder! 


-This 8.5" x 11" studio planner includes lots of room for notes, thoughts, drawings and anything else you need to remember while you are working.

-Includes 5 sections to help organize your studio session from studio objectives, materials used, thumbnails and notes to remember what you want to start on next time!

-Five additional sections to organize all the information that comes in from artist contacts, title ideas, curatorial ideas, and resources! There is a place to record it AND remember where you wrote it!

​-Intro introduces how to use the planner to get the most out of it and get the most out of your time! 

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