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Pop Culture and Symbolism: Artist Britty Em

Britty Em is an Australian International selling artist, who works mainly in large scale acrylic paintings. Charming audiences with her colorful and playful portraits of iconic women, and everyday objects dressed up in opulent patterns and symbolism, the work takes audiences on a journey through the seemingly familiar, yet extraordinary.

Britty integrates both concept and color to create crisp clean work that infuses elements of graphic design, pop culture and fashion. Her works clearly demonstrate influences from her formal education in both Fine Art and Architectural studies, presenting structure and balance.

She is currently represented by 19 Karen Gallery and Gallery Red.

“Working with acrylic on canvas, I paint the ordinary in an extraordinary setting. I find it artistically liberating to bring out the whimsical in everyday objects, enticing the viewer to reflect on the unassuming yet charming environment around them. My most recent work leans towards the concepts of escapism, loneliness and consumerism that we as a society are led to believe is always an increasing goal, and that our happiness fundamentally depends on obtaining material possessions or something outside of ourselves. In moments of hardship we tend to be overindulgent in an attempt to satisfy our insatiable urges, seeking solace in sugary treats and designer goods. Birds are a totem throughout the work as a creature that is often lured by shiny objects, not unlike human beings, which begs the question “Is this act of consumerism really that unnatural?” The work has further been exploring the corner or rooms where isolated objects, in particular chairs, are the focal point. The room poses questions about who sat in the chair, what room is this? What is going on outside the canvas? There is a sense of unknowingness yet familiarity. A doorway into another reality.”


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