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Building Community, Chautauqua Visual Arts, and Giving Back

I am a huge advocate for inclusive communities as essential for our growth. In this episode, I share three reasons community is vital and two ways to build your community. I also share about my personal experience at Chautauqua as a student and how I am thrilled to be the new Artistic Director of Chautauqua Visual Arts.

First off, community is a source of comfort for artists. The creative journey can be isolating, with long hours spent working alone. In a community, you find others who understand and can support you through the tough times.

Secondly, being part of a creative group means you're constantly learning. Other artists have their unique skills and insights, and when you share ideas, everyone benefits. Not only do we get to learn about new mediums, but we also can share our life experiences.

Lastly, communities open doors to opportunities and fun. Collaborations and projects often emerge from these connections, broadening your artistic horizons and bringing joy to your work.


Chautauqua Visual Arts:

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