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Braving Creativity: Artists Who Turn Change into Courageous Transformation by Naomi Vladeck

Naomi Vladeck is a certified life coach devoted to advancing the work of independent artists and creatives through her company Creativity Matters Coaching. She has been working with and around independent artists for thirty years as a planner, performer, nonprofit founder, and as a life coach. She holds a masters in Performance Studies and a certification in mindful leadership practice - both from NYU. The experience of her husband’s alcoholism and death led to her writing debut: Braving Creativity, Artists Who Turn the Scary, Messy, Thrilling Path of Change into Courageous Transformation.

Naomi has a gift for turning crisis and confusion into courage and clarity so that artists can become the creators of their lives. In the spirit of embracing big change, Naomi just sold her home, sent her daughter off to college and is about to embark on a book tour to take her coaching work to as many artists as she can! When not traveling to ice hockey games with her now fifteen year old son, Naomi is dreaming up ways to inspire artists to embrace change and find the courage to create the life and work they love!



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