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Artist Alexandra Snowden

Alexandra Snowden (Buffalo, NY 1989) is a Venezuelan-American interdisciplinary artist and educator. She holds a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from The Cleveland Institute of Art and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from The University of Pennsylvania.

She has exhibited nationally and in 2017 participated in the Vermont Studio Center residency. Recent exhibitions of her work include Time in Dreams is Frozen at the Icebox Project Space and Remote Control at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia. She has a range of experience teaching art and art history through community art centers, outreach programs, museums, universities and colleges in Cleveland, Miami, Philadelphia and most recently Lehigh Valley.

Her work is informed by her Venezuelan-American heritage with investigations across time and borders through installation, sculpture, photography, painting and collage. She is currently based in Lehigh Valley and is a community arts educator for youth and adults at The Banana Factory and adjunct professor in the Fine Art Department at Northampton Community College.

I am interested in the ways history, myth and everyday experience build upon a culture, collective and individual identity. My practice is interdisciplinary, and is conceptually based on reflections within the Latinx diaspora and an intersectional feminist perspective.

I study images/objects, history, conversations, archives, and experiences to seek a deeper understanding of the fault lines that surface through notions of subjectivity, object-hood, and place. I work in an intuitive/informed based process, drawing {painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, sculpture, animation or a combination of such media] to re-present such ideas/experiences through a visual form.

In the end, I hope to move beyond social imaginaries and constructions to reveal new realities that reflect on the beautiful, comical, ugly and frightening aspects of today's society.

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