BE. LONG. Dutoit Gallery, Nov 1-Nov 24, 2019

I Like Your Work in partnership with Dutoit Gallery is pleased to present Be. Long, an exhibition encompassing the work of 42 artists from around the world who work across a variety of media and subject matter, co-curated by Mychaelyn Michalec, David Linneweh and Erika b Hess.


Be. Long. speaks to belonging to a community and how participating in that community supports a long creative career. Artists do not create work in a vacuum, rather they are constantly responding to conversations, studio visits and seeing work. It is in this rich place of discovery and dialogue that artists are able to go into their studio and make work.

Work by: Alice Stone-Collins, Amanda Smith, Amy Sacksteder, Becky Bailey, Beth Humphrey, Bethanie Irons, Bridgette Bogle, Catlin Cartwright, Clara J Koons, Corey Lamb, Cori Crumrine, Derek Meier, Emanuele Pavarotti, Francis Sills, Gabe Langholtz, Jasmine Zelaya, Jessica Cannon, Jessica Simorte, Jon Duff, Kimberly LaVonne, Kassandra Palmer, Kate Sable, Laura Colomb, Lauren Peterson, Libby Saylor, Liz Rundorff Smith, Loren Erdrich, Manuela Gonzalez, Marcelina Gonzales, Max Manning, Melissa Murray, Peter Hastings, Rossie Stearns, Sarah E. Swist, Sarah Pater, Saskia Fleishman, Susan Carr, Tara Booth, Terri Foster, Tim Magenta, Victoria V. Nunley, Yuria Okamura

In addition to the physical show, we are thrilled to share Be. Long. Ing. Online Exhibition, an extension of the physical exhibition that includes the work of 30 artists.

Installation Shots Be. Long. Dutoit Gallery

Be. Long. Ing. Online Exhibition

Alexandra Hemrick
Won't Water Your Mazes
Acrylic & Woodcarving on Panel 96 "x 72"
Emily Royer
oil on canvas 24x30
Ash Dahlke
Mismatched Shoes
Mixed Media 41" x 27"
Christie DeNizio
Shadow of a Constellation
Mixed Media 96 x 72
Bimbola Akinbola
gouache, 20"x30"
Jennifer Small
Lunch Break
acrylic on canvas, 12" x 9"
Quinn Antonio Briceño
Se Fue La Luz
Mixed Media 24 x 24
Emi Avora
Dancing in the Dark
Acrylic 70" x 90"
Caroline Liu
You Were a Mixture of Light, Never to Forgive or Forget a Slight, Crystals & Acrylic, 42" x54"
Christina Vogel
Hopeful Daffodils
oil and acrylic on canvas,
16 x 19
Moores_Emily_Delicate Nature_Paper_18x18
Delicate Nature Paper 18"x18"x9"
Flux WHite
oil on canvas 16x24
To Bend and Not to Break
acrylic, 20" x24"
Grace Summanen
Mixed Media 6 ½”W x 34”H x 6”D
Griffin Allman
Outsider Perspective
Acrylic on panel, 30 x 36
Kelli Thompson
oil on panel 22x28
Mark Milroy
Oil on Canvas, 24"x20"
oil on canvas, 30" x 40"
Katherine Spinella
Squiggle Check
Mixed Media 34x49
Danielle Winger
The Gift
oil on canvas, 20" x 26"
Lauren Rice
Head on the Ground
Mixed Media on paper, 30"x40”
Natalie Pivoney
High Life Shrine
oil on canvas, 30"x30"
Josh Johnson
Passing Through
Plywood 47" x 59" x 25"
Loretta Park
Mixed media 8.4x4.5x2
Natalie Petrosky
Pink Rock
Mixed media on fabric, 63"x50"
Jessica Burke
San Antonio Rose Prismacolor, 30" x 20"
Rebecca Litt
Lake Bottom
oil on canvas 58x50in
Teresa Dunn
Girl's Night
oil on paper on panel, 16" diameter
Kathy Liao
oil on canvas 40x30in
Amy Bultena
Tracy's Mug
Acrylic on canvas, 9x12
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Flux WHite

Lucy oil on canvas 16x24

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